Welcome to the NSW Baseball Scorers Association

The objectives of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association are:

To recruit and train Scorers
To improve the quality of existing scorers by providing training and assistance where required
To improve the stature of Scorers
To promote close relationships with the NSW Baseball League and kindred Associations for the good of the game and benefit of Scorers
To apply the laws of the game as set down by international and local authorities
To encourage uniformity of interpretation of the official, Scorers and all associated bodies
To seek and maintain affiliation with approved State and/or National Scorers Associations
To assist or take action as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee for and on behalf of any member unfairly or unjustly treated and to lodge any appeals to a higher authority
To assist other Associations where applicable
To conduct examinations and accreditations as to knowledge and interpretation of the laws of the game

How to Score Baseball Clinics - Hills District

The NSW Baseball Scorers Association is holding three How to Score clinics in the Hills District

Baulkham Hills Sports Club, Renown Rd, Baulkham Hills

6.30pm for a 7pm start

Monday 19 November

How to score T Ball


Monday 26 November

How to score Beginner Liveball


Monday 3 December

How to score Intermediate Liveball


Scoring a baseball game with paper and pencil is a tradition that goes back to the early days of the game. Keeping score is a great way to get more involved as a fan as you will really become engaged in the game and what’s more – scoring also gets you the best seat in the house!


These clinics will start with the basics and give you the skills to become more confident to add more of the nuances that make up baseball scoring. While the clinics are skewed towards Junior Baseball, the content will also suit those scoring Senior Baseball as well.


Monday 19 November

How to score T Ball

This is where most scorers start and the content will cover

  • Game preliminaries
  • Completing the Score Book and what to do with the Line-up (from the Coach)
  • Fielding Positions
  • A few ‘Pitches’
  • How to record Hits
  • How to Record Outs
  • How to advance (move) Runners around the bases
  • How to record Strike Outs
  • How to show Runs Scored


Monday 26 November

How to score Beginner Liveball

This is for scorers who need to score baseball where pitches are being thrown to a batter (as opposed to T-Ball where the batter swings at a ball on a Tee). This clinic will also suit those who need to score Modball or Machine pitch formats of the game. The content is similar to that of the T Ball clinic but will cover in more depth how to record batters getting on base and how runners move around the bases as the result of a batter’s actions


Monday 3 December

How to score Intermediate Liveball

This is for scorers who want to build on the skills they have acquired over the season. We go into more depth on batter and runner movements and start to look at the dreaded errors. This clinic is best suited to those who perhaps already have scored for a season or who already have attended the How to Score Beginner Liveball clinic


What to bring

Pencils – if you have scoring pencils bring them, otherwise try and bring an orange, blue, red and green pencil along with a lead pencil (mechanical trigger pencils are great and raid your kid’s pencil case for the coloured pencils – that’s how most of us started!)

An eraser and sharpener

There will be handouts on the night but feel free to bring a note book

If you are already scoring, bring your scorebook

Gold coin donation


RSVP Required

Please RSVP by Thursday before each clinic so that we can have enough handouts and chairs for attendees

Maree Griffiths


any questions feel free to email as well


Congratulations Jeanette Irwin - our new Technical Commissioner

The CABS Technical Commission is the recognised BA authority for clarification, consultation and adjudication on baseball scoring technical issues and consists of three Technical Commissioner appointed on a rotating basis.

Jeanette Irwin was recently nominated to be the NSW representative and NSW Baseball Scorers sends their congratulations to Jeanette on her appointment.


Welcome to the website of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association

We are currently rebuilding the site, so please keep checking back to see how we are faring


There is a photo section where I have been loading some photos that I have collected. As I get interesting photos I will put them here.

National News

New look Baseball NT board

Dec 3, 2018


Intermediate League Championship heads to Mildura

Dec 3, 2018


Nationally Identified Players released

Nov 13, 2018


Next Meeting


Monday 26 November 2018  

Ryde Eastwood Leagues club


How to Score & Accreditation Clinics


 Scoring Accreditation
 Level 1 Accreditation is open to anyone who has completed the Advanced Scoring Clinic or has considerable experience.
 Level 2 Accreditation is open to anyone that has a current Level 1 Accreditation.
 Accreditations will only go ahead if there is enough Scorers registering interest.
 Level 1 dates are Tuesday Nights, 7pm for a 7.15pm start, November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th. Exam will be held on December 4th. All clinic dates must be attended. Venue TBA
 Level 2 dates are Wednesday Nights, 7pm for a 7.15pm start, November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th. Exam will be held on December 5th. All clinic dates must be attended. Venue TBA
 To register for a Scoring clinic or Accreditation clinic, please email Jeanette Irwin at    jeanette.irwin@bigpond.com  or by SMS 0416172018.


Level 1 Accreditation Clinics - Trainer Sue McCullough

Saturday 27 October

Saturday 10 November

Saturday 1 December

12:30pm for a 1:00pm start

Finish around 4 - 5:00pm

Venue: Baseball NSW, Blacktown International Sports Park

RSVP : Sue McCullough at paulsuemccullough@bigpond.com




**** 2018 membership renewals are now due *****

2018 membership payments can be deposited into the Scorers' bank account (details on the Membership Form - please leave your name in the reference field)

If your membership lapses, your accrediation may be suspended as CABS requires you to be a financial member of NSW Baseball Scorers.

Please complete a Membership Form/Code of Conduct form and send to NSWBSA Secretary


Are your contact details current?

We send meeting notices and scoring invitations to all our members via email but we are getting a lot of rejections  -  emails that is  :-)

If you are not getting emails from us but wish to do so, please contact the NSWBSA Secretary and we will update your contact details.